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Products and product marketing have been around for a very long time.  Evolution is a continuous process for products, marketing, communications and consumers.  Taking a step back, a well known philosopher once wrote; the law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  At Triple B Marketing, our consultants tend to turn laws upside-down. For every action, there is a designed and desired reaction, setting consumers in motion to interact with and purchase products and services while brand building. The Triple B Marketing consultants are thought leaders and teachers who bring ideas to the forefront by first listening to the client, then collaborating with and developing big ideas.  Then, selecting the best vehicle by which to reach customers in the most differentiating and memorable manner.


Some agency’s idea of a brainstorm or ideation session begins with colored Post-it Notes, childrens' toys and the always popular Magic 8 Ball.  We begin first with listening, followed by solid exchange of information, history and proven insights.  Whether your challenge requires thought leadership to inspire opportunities or white paper concepts to identify a specific problem, we can spotlignt bright ideas in order to build your brand.

consumer package goods & retail marketing

Make your brand, product or service a star!  Let consumer truths and market insights bring differentiation to your brand, product or service.  Better yet, let us inspire unexpected ideas through the development of original marketing programs, innovative packaging, creative messaging and more.  We develop ideas and tactics that highlight your brand and product through more relevant and compelling consumer platforms and communications that drive action and enhance brands and products over time.  From proven solutions to customized campaigns, we tailor our promotional ideas and programming to support your specific strategy and objectives.


  • branding, brand development, photography & editorial

  • product marketing, go to market/launch & extensions

  • marketing communications, development, integration, strategy and implementation

  • packaging, ideation, development, production and implementation

  • fixturing, display development & fabrication

  • visual merchandising & planning

experiential marketing

Let's put the action in interaction.  We accelerate the buying process by developing environments and experiences that immerse the consumer and induce trial, promote retention and build brand loyalty.  It’s about bringing brands to life through trial and personal interaction with both products and services.  With today’s fragmented messaging and media, experiential marketing can add a totally new dimension to your customer marketing strategy - it is essential in reaching and connecting with consumers in an innovative manner.


  • display ideation, development & fabrication

  • partner identification & negotiation

  • buzz & viral marketing

  • retail presence

  • sampling & personnel

sponsorships & partner marketing

Sponsorships and partner marketing can be a valuable tool to a brand when leveraged correctly.  They can play a very important role in creating a brand and how it is perceived in the marketplace.  While always listening to you, we keep your best interests at heart by insuring our recommendations are on-brand, unique and relevant.  After all, it is all about differientating your brand or product in an already crowded space.  We will ideate, develop and deliver brand relevant programs that are both engaging and compelling giving you the brand recognition you want and the brand loyalty you need.


  • property identification & negotiation

  • celebrity association

  • venue assessment

  • cross promotions

email, digital, social & direct marketing (CRM)

Get rid of the digital confusion!  Today's digital environment takes on an entirly different meaning that it did perhaps five years ago.  It is a constantly evolving marketing dimension available to your brand/product and for it's benefit.  Mobile apps, twitter feeds, blogs and the list goes on and on.  The digital space goes by many different monikers and crystal-clear is not one of them.  We can recommend specific tactics, taylor made to achieve your objectives.  From search marketing, web site design, micro sites and social media we will strategize and help create the digital plan that is right for you.


  • social media campaigns

  • site development & design

  • micro site development & design

  • mobile marketing

  • search optimization

  • direct targeting, list pull & production

events & event marketing

Make a memorable statement with your event.  Everything from meeting planning to new product launches - we know it's all about the execution.  The success of your event is crucial to the success of your brand or product, to relationship building and to marketplace engagement and perceptions.  Our team will first listen to your goals and objectives, then recommend and taylor programming that exceeds your expectations.  We will deliver an event that creates and delivers lasting equity and brand loyalty.


  • theme ideation & development

  • engaging and memorable design & creative

  • planning & logistics

  • production & transportation

  • signage & collateral development & production

  • measurment & evaluation

  • branded merchandise

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