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retail & experiential marketing

experiential marketing & product launch


Create engaging and immersive experiences that encourage trial, learning, usage and sales, as part an overall go-to-market strategy.


Through multiple consumer research field studies the following insights were learned providing a clear path to a sound strategy:

  • Consumers are often intimidated by technology, more specifically device complexity.

  • Consumers wanted the opportunity to learn, interact with and experience live devices prior to purchase without pressure from sales representatives.

  • Consumers wanted the latest consumer electronics enabling them to communicate wirelessly, share photographs/video and interact via social media - anytime, anywhere.


An immersive consumer presentation and in-store experience was created and executed throughout the AT&T retail network.  The experiential presentation contained live devices allowing consumer interaction and a "real life", "real time" experience.  The presentation allowed for the handling and trial of live devices, product information/specifications and connectivity for voice, internet, talk and/or text.


Samsung smartphones,

early print advertising

  • Experiential displays successfully engaged consumers through introductions to the hottest technology and connected electronics.  The immersive experiences allowed for:

    • Consumer interaction with newly launched, live devices the likes of connected wrist-watches, smartphones, tablets and connected cameras.

    • The friendly, inviting experience allowed in-store sales representatives to engage with consumers, in a non-invasive manner, showcasing the technology and services.

  • Sales exceeded expectations while consumers reported satisfaction with the presentations and the ability to engage with live devices.  Consumers reported, "clarity of product information*" along with an increase in "the right level of information*."

* as measured by ranking attributes of the JD Powers Satisfaction Drivers

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