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retail marketing, merchandising & presentation

retail marketing & merchandising


Create highly visible merchandising display unit, optimizing space within the retail environment, while maximizing messaging and merchandising opportunities in order to drive sales.


Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) requested premium floor/display space and increased visibility in order to increase accessory attach rates and sales volume.  Consumers wanted easily accessible products they could picked up, take from its packaging and applied to devices prior to purchase.  Consumers also wanted choices in textures, colors and price-points.


Ideate, design, manufacture and deploy cost efficient floor merchandising units for the myriad of accessories offered through the AT&T retail channel.  The units must be mobile, scalable, sturdy and easily accessible to the consumer.  The units were designed to allow access and viewing from all sides with easily discernable messaging panels.  The associated packaging offered 360 degree product viewing and in many cases offered resealable packaging enabling consumers to "try out" the accessory assortment prior to purchase.


  • OEM brand recognition increased by nearly 15% on average increasing sales and merchandising sell-thru*.

  • Consumer satisfaction increased with the greater accessibility to multiple accessories, variety offered, multiple price points and resealable packaging**.

  • In-store personnel expressed greater satisfaction with the displays sighting greater flexibility and adaptability of the selling surfaces***.

merchandising 1950's style

*   measured by qualitative consumer shop-along field research study - pre and post launch

**  as measured by ranking attributes of the JD Powers Satisfaction Drivers

**  as measured by internal Voice of Customer survey

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