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retail & experiential marketing

experiential marketing


Create engaging and immersive experiences that stimulate trial, learning, usage and sales, as part an overall go-to-market strategy.


With numerous notable insights drawn from consumer research the following were of primary focus within the strategic plan development:

  • Consumers are often intimidated by technology, more specifically the complexity of device functionality.

  • Consumers wanted the opportunity to learn about and tryout new devices prior to purchase.

  • The single most important feature of a personal device was a high-quality camera and the ability to share photographs/videos wirelessly.


A consumer experience and in-store presentation was ideated, created and executed via the AT&T retail network of both company owned and dealer locations.  The experiential presentation contained live devices allowing consumer interaction and "real life" experiences.  It further featured "best in class" camera functionality via engaging, interactive in-store trial opportunities.  Launch introduction was a joint effort between three of the most prolific names in the technology and electronics arenas (Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T).


  • The experiential display successfully engaged consumers by introducing the new Nokia/Microsoft camera phone, touting a 41 mega pixel camera (the highest quality and first of its kind at time of launch) along with ease of use via the following:

    • interactive "low light" display featuring the ability to shoot quality photography in limited light situations.

    • interactive "zoom" exhibition featuring the capability to shoot photography then zoom-in on subject matter with great focus and clarity.

  • The experiential presentations were successful through the engagement of consumers and emersion into new camera technology, all the while breaking down and eliminating the "intimidation factor."

  • Sales were brisk and consumers reported satisfaction with the presentations, specifically the ability to engage with live devices.  Consumers reported, "clarity of product information*" along with an increase in "the right level of information*."

Nokia & Microsoft

a time long, long ago

*   as measured by ranking attributes of the JD Powers Satisfaction Drivers

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