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retail & experiential marketing

experiential marketing


Create an engaging and immersive experience, as part of an exclusive new product launch, stimulating both consumer trial and purchase.


Through consumer research, it was learned that consumers waned devices to be a reflection of their individual personality.  They wanted devices that were unique, customized, representations of their own style, preferences, and functional needs.  They wanted their device to be made in America.  And, they wanted access to the informational, trial and purchase process at times that were most convenient with their individual preferences and schedules.


A one-of-a-kind consumer experience was developed launching the Motorola X.  The in-store experiential presentation included a display featuring available options from which the consumer choose device appointments personalized for themselves.  A connected tablet was included, enabling consumers access to other consumers who had already purchased the device for a "real life" example and a "real time" experience.  Also included, a live product demonstration allowing consumers to explore product capabilities prior to purchase along with reviews and product specifications.  A true experiential and immersive retail example.


Motorola, long before the

age of the cellular phone

  • The experiential displays increased consumer satisfaction on several levels:

    • The consumer shopping experience was stated as "fun and informative" due to live products and product demonstrations*.

    • A decrease in "technological intimidation*" was reported in follow up consumer research based on product trials and sales representative interaction.

    • Integration with other media was viewed as "favorable and familiar*" within the target consumer group upon entering the retail environment. Consumers reported favorable experiences with both partners, via the web, prior to their retail shopping trip.

  • Retail sales surpassed expectations by nearly 10%

  • Actual displays/experiences were created in such a way that they could easily be repurposed and adapted to future product demonstrations and experiences resulting in a more than $2.5MM annual savings.

*   as measured by ranking attributes of the JD Powers Satisfaction Drivers

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