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AT&T Consumer Products

"For several years I've worked alongside Tony, prior to him becoming triple b, in his role as a Director within the AT&T Consumer Marketing group.  Throughout our time as peers I found him to be very knowledgeable across all facets of marketing - marketing communications, branding and visual merchandising in particular.  He's a strategic thinker while also having the ability to function operationally.  He's not afraid to get his hands dirty and he understands how to get a job done.  In my opinion, he's a born leader and a partner in every sense of the word.  Working cross-functionally gathering facts and requirements, creating solutions and getting initiatives to market are the things he does best.


His flexibility and communications skills are first-rate as a partner with me, my staff and the strategic OEMs."

Tara Colon

Director of National Marketing, AT&T Consumer Products

Impact Displays Group

"Anthony is a great communicator, he is thoughtful, knowledgeable and can visualize the technical as well as the practical side of display and fixture building.  His production knowledge and understanding of timing/timelines, costs and fulfillment are just a few of his assets.  He runs a tight ship and even though there are compressed timelines and last minute changes manages to keep a cool head throughout."


"Anthony is my best client - his clear direction and communications often mean the difference between on-budget or thousands over budget.  Keeping his production team informed is paramount when it comes to operating efficiencies.  I'd love to have him come work for me here in New Jersey!"

Gil Horowitz

President, Impact Displays Group

Refined Design of Florida

"Starting out is never easy and with a very small budget and few resources but I found a great partner.  Triple b began the relationship by asking me questions before even making one suggestion - they listened.  Their first task was to expose me to the broader market by hosting an immersion trip to New York City - what a great experience!"  More to come once the line has launched.

Kelly M Reed

Founder, Refined Design, LLC.


Southern POP Group

"Having worked with Tony, prior to triple b, for more than six years, I've come to know and appreciate his passion for business, knowledge of marketing and retail, attention to detail and approachable communication style.  His focus on doing the job right and creating a process for tracking along the way is a refreshing approach.  We've worked on many multi-million dollar projects with which he brings a human dimension to the game.  He provides clear and concise direction to ensure the execution.  He's a great strategic partner.  His ability to form relationships with the franchise/dealer and national retail groups paved the way for a better relationship which in turn led to a greater understanding of partner needs."

Sonia Khurana

President and Founder, Southern POP Group, LLC.


Starr Brothers Brewhouse

"I've worked with Anthony and triple b for just a few months now but have learned a great deal regarding branding and the processes necessary to create a brand, more specifically the creative process and intricacies of developing eye-catching packaging.  This is my first exposure to marketing, on a micro level, and I think I've selected a great strategic partner for my operating style and upcoming restaurant and product introduction."

John Starr

Founder, Starr Brothers Brewhouse

The Integer Group, Retail Marketing & Advertising

"As a leader with AT&T, I've worked with Tony on countless projects in excess of six years - his sense of responsibility is uncanny and ability to see the big picture unmatched - two traits that saved his agency team a great deal of time an effort.


Tony is a pleasure to work with - he gets it!  His broad knowledge of marketing principals, branding and go-to-market strategies have always been a tremendous aid in the day-to-day communications between lead agency and client.  He has a real passion for marketing and the marketing process.  Because of his leadership and communication skills, he was able to take a large, diverse agency account team, of more than 40, and align them with a strategic vision and objectives over the course of numerous years and promotional periods.  I appreciate his ability to take agency suggestions and provide clear, concise feedback and direction.  A great collaborator with his account team."


"Always a pleasure to work with Tony!"

Kevin Hall

Vice President and Group Account Director - The Integer Group

Strategic Consulting Associates

"After being in the financial arena for over 40 years I struck out on my own and founded SCA.  Our firm has now been in business for nearly seven years with what I thought was great success.  I consulted Triple B Marketing to give me a better, professional presence on the internet.  Triple B was creative and innovative in helping bring our business to digital-life by giving us a real presence on the world wide web.  Our business has never been better and we owe it all to the marketing, creative knowledge and experience of Triple B Marketing.  Thanks Triple B for putting SCA on the digital map!

Gene Polito

Principal and Founder, Strategic Consulting Associates


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