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the 4P's of CRM

consumer relationship marketing

CRM - establishing relationships


Target, acquire, establish and increase lifetime value (LTV) relationships with multiple targeted consumer segments via Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM).


Through consumer research and analyitics, it was determined that consumers felt their internet service was nothing more than a commodity, which they could obtain from any one of a number of providers.  Therefore, it was important to establish a long-lasting, loyalty driven relationship with the installed customer base while adding new and/or returning customers via targeted direct marketing initiatives.


The strategy was simple; gain users/subscribers to EarthLink's Internet Service via specific, proven direct tactics.  This was accomplished by first identifying targeted segments through the use of demographic, psychographic, geographic and other data.  Once Identified, purchase/pull lists in order to establish communications with specific individuals for acquisition, win-back, upgrade and loyalty.  Utilize all available tactics to reach the targeted consumers to be successful (i.e., direct mail, email, electronic/social, banner & more).


  • Acquisition marketing produced response rates which were the best in the industry.

  • Through the introductin of new, innovative products and the direct marketing initiatives monthly/annual churn rates were reduced by more than 5%.

  • Through a switching strategy and the use of direct marketing initiatives conversion rates from dial-up to high-speed internet service increased by more than 50% of projected goals.

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was direct mail, actual mail

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