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Diet-Coke strategic partner alliances & participation


Establish strategic partnerships with some of the world's most exciting and prolific brands and retail partners in order to engage consumers long-term, via value-added rewards and once-in-a-lifetime memorable experiences.


Through consumer research it was determined that there was little loyalty within the diet carbonated soft-drink (DCSD) category.  When asked, consumers stated they were willing to participate in promotional programs so long as they offered high-value rewards with little or no additional effort on their part (i.e., collecting receipts, bottle tops, etc.).  Through syndicated scan data, it was confirmed that purchases within the DCSD category were primarily price driven, with little or no brand loyalty.


A cutting edge, new consumer loyalty program was conceived and developed to primarily target low and medium usage consumers whose purchase habits showed little category loyalty.  Partnerships were formed with high-value entities the likes of Atlantis Resorts, Delta Airlines, the San Diego Zoo, Fromers Publications, the NFL/Super Bowl and many others.  Program participation was obtained through self-sign up, primarily communicated via retail partners at the point of purchase via the Catalina Marketing messaging system.  Participation, points and rewards were tracked via retail partner "frequent shopper" programs thereby making it virtually effortless to the consumer and a highly desirable program for the retail partners.


vintage Coca-Cola

circa 1950

  • A cutting edge loyalty program was born with results that exceeded projections by more than 110%

  • The program, by design, was virtually effortless as both consumers and retail partners requested.  The loyalty program effectively generated greater brand loyalty with participating consumers thereby reducing category switching by greater than 60% within program participants.

  • Retail account acceptance was virtually automatic, as syndicated scan data showed increases in both frequency* and basket size* when diet-Coke was included in the purchase set.

  • Reward partners lined up at the opportunity to be included in the program as they were fully aware of the benefits associated with Coca-Cola and the diet-Coke brands.

*  trips to market; increase of one incremental trip per quarter and total spend by shopping trip; increase by 1.2% per trip

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