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digital, social & email marketing

digital media, social marketing & email communications


Create fully integrated marketing campaigns, as part of overall "go-to-market" strategies, while establishing personal relationships with consumers utilizing targeted social media platforms and becoming a trusted guest, invited into consumer conversations.


Consumer research provided many valuable insights regarding consumer relationships, behaviors and expectations.  Social media has become the communications vehicle of choice across most age groups and demographics due to its social appeal, immediate gratification and "always on" allure.  Social media is not an option but rather an essential component of an integrated marketing campaign.  Consumers want a choice as to how they interact with a brand (i.e., computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) with mobility being essential.


Select best practices and platforms by which to communicate with targeted consumers (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc.) while speaking with them one-to-one on relevant subject matter like "how to" videos, product/service specifications and frequently asked questions all the while leveraging the viral dimension of social media allowing fellow users to self-promote and join the conversation.  And, do it all virtually anytime, anywhere.  Gain awareness and recommendations via owned, paid and shared medial opportunities.


Finally, utilize all available monitoring tools and analytics in order to continually evolve, target and optimize media plans and the planning process.

Email Works: product launches, loyalty, sales, win-back, continuity, informational and more

a fully integrated media campaigns complete with product placement, immersion & earned, owned, paid & shared media


  • Email marketing is one of the most cost effective, targeted and efficient manners by which to connect with consumers.  "Big Data" allows the marketing giants to purchase lists for the consumer segments they wish to target.  While small business can capture consumer data via events, online and direct consumer interaction.  The key to successful email campaigns is delivering the right information to the right target at just the right time.  Much easier said than done but a proven way by which to market.

  • Initial earned media, via trade publications/PR, saw more than 100 incidences* helping to create awareness, brand recognition and recommendation.

  • Increased awareness via AT&T and partner blogs was realized creating greater consumer interaction with product and brand.

  • Consumers liked, commented and shared product and product experiences with friends, family and associates via the Facebook platform resulting in:

    • Over 8.7K likes, 150+ comments and nearly 100 shares**

    • Over 1K likes, 200+ comments and over 100 shares***

    • Over 7.4K likes, 300+ comments and nearly 100 shares***

  • Consumers followed, tweeted and shared product and product postings with friends, family and associates via the Twitter platform resulting in:

    • Tweets, via hash-tag campaigns increase of nearly 150%* (campaign/product specific).

  • Consumers viewed, shared and subscribed to video postings with friends, family and associates via the YouTube platform resulting in:

    • Views topping 200K with subscriptions surpassing 4K, following product launch*.

    • Views topping 11.8K with subscriptions surpassing 3.2K, while increases in accessory sales were noted both online and in-store due to imbedded messaging within video.

    • Views exceeded 9.9K with subscriptions surpassing 1.2K, in conjunction with new product launch and highlights video***.

  • Program/product specific website received more than 870K views*** creating an effective "push to retail" resulting in sales 15% greater than expectations.

what social media looked like

80 years ago

*   referenced numbers are a combined reusult of both strategic partner and AT&T specific efforts

**  results from strategic partner social media and/or website tactics but are not meant to be complete and/or  inclusive of all partner media activities

*** results from AT&T social media and/or website tactics but are not meant to be complete and/or inclusive of all AT&T media activities

Company, logo and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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