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nonprofit & cause marketing

awareness & fundraising for international nonprofit


Create an integrated marketing strategy, including tactical execution plan, focusing on fundraising for a cause related international health organization.


Fundraising for research and the facilitation of life saving surgeries is a difficult endeavor.  Nonprofit marketing, while there some similarities, is quite different than traditional brand and/or product marketing.  Insights include the necessity for a clear annual plan, marketing calendar and digital presence - all on a "shoestring budget."  The successful appeal to donors and potential donors is highly dependent on targeting, timing and imagery.


After establishing a comprehensive fundraising strategy and developing an annual marketing calendar the real work begins.  We serve up communications via website, social media, public relations and direct mail.  Communicating directly to an established donor base, while expanding our targeting to likely donors.  We deliver relevant imagery and detailed information as to the foundation's vision, purpose and mission.  Our appeal messaging was emotionally, spiritually and mentally compelling - delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.


Charitable & nonprofit marketing has been around

a very long time

  • Giving increased year over year by nearly 20% with a decrease in operating expenses due to close expense management and greater efficiencies.

  • Social media reached target audiences via well known social platforms:

    • Facebook garnered 1.1K likes with nearly 250 comments and multiple shares*.

    • YouTube views topped 8K while subscription reached nearly 1.5K**.

  • Software specifically designed for the nonprofit market allowed for the easy communication and acceptance of online donations***

  • Following a redesign of the website, page views increased by nearly 80% with website contributions topping the previous year's results***

  • Through awareness and fundraising efforts over 40 children from around the world, in 2014, were provided life saving surgeries allowing them to lead a healthy, normal life.

*   referenced Facebook results are a reusult of social interactions and communications and are not meant to be inclusive of all results

**  referenced YouTube results are a reusult of social interactions and communications and are not meant to be inclusive of all results

*** software was a first year initiative in 2014 and was linked to CSI website while 2014 will also serve as a benchmark year moving forward as a basis for comparisson

Company, logo and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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