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Boost events, sponsorships & partner marketing


Establish strategic partnerships with relevant, exciting and prolific brands in order to engage consumers, insight trial, drive to retail and provide branded rewards and memorable, brand-building experiences.


Through consumer research an opportunity was discovered - the Boost brand product line would benefit from a repositioning to a younger more health-minded consumer in addition to its current target (that of an older, possibly failing health target).  Of those consumers studied, they considered themselves ten years younger than their actual ages.  What better way to reach this new target than to provide product trial/sampling during specific need states (i.e., during activities or throughout their busy workday).  It was further determined that the new target audience gravitated to activities such as water/snow skiing, weight training, team sports (i.e., basketball, football, baseball, etc.) and were simply busy individuals doing what they do day-to-day (soccer moms if you will).


Sponsorships have been a

longtime part of the Macy's advertising mix

Excitement - high profile events, properties and individuals were chosen to endorse and offer highly desirable opportunities to meet and participate in targeted, on-brand activities.  Personalities and properties the likes of the Beach Boys/recording artists, Paula Abdul/recording artist, television and fitness personality, Denise Austin/television and fitness personality were chosen as well as targeted events such as the Naismith College Basketball Awards, Jazzercise and Sitour consumer event and ski property.  Each of these offered the opportunity to introduce consumers to the Boost product line through targeted trial/sampling, thereby creating demand and push to retail.


  • Due in large part to targeted activities/events, personalities and properties, the Boost product line successfully grew its user base by nearly 25% within the new, younger demographic while also maintaining and growing its existing user base.

  • Retailers were energized by the exciting personalities and associated consumer events/promotions providing a "value add" to their customers and effectively creating demand and drive-to-retail.  Retail account acceptance/take rates grew to 100%.

  • The Boost brand was propelled to a $100MM brand in just under five years.

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