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retail & experiential marketing

making music with experiential marketing


Create an engaging and immersive music experience as part of a sales strategy designed to increase accessory attach rates while increasing overall sales.


Through consumer research, it was learned that consumers wanted devices they could carry with them with the capability of doing virtually anything and everything they desired, including: sending and receiving photographs, interacting with and enjoying all forms of entertainment and most importantly streaming and downloading music.


Create a consumer experience which is engaging, informational and fun.  The in-store experiential presentation included live devices with the capability of downloading and playing back music.  As a cornerstone to the strategy, it was imperative to enable the consumer to enjoy the experience at the point of purchase thereby enabling them to both enjoy and consult with in-store personnel.


dancing to a different tune

  • The music experience increased consumer interactions and satisfaction on several levels:

    • the consumer shopping experience was said to be "fun and informative" due to live products and product demonstrations.

    • a decrease in "technological intimidation" was reported in follow-up consumer research based on product trials and sales representative interactions.

    • integration with other media was viewed as "favorable and familiar" within the target consumer group upon entering the retail environment. Consumers reported favorable experiences with OEM partners, via the web, prior to their retail shopping trip.

  • Retail sales increased exponentially exceeding expectations by nearly 30%

  • Displays/experiences were created in such a way that they could easily be repurposed and adapted to future product demonstrations and experiences, resulting in a more than a $2MM annual savings.

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