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retail marketing & messaging

retail marketing - "best in class" customer experience


Create an engaging and immersive experience drawing consumers into the brand and branded experience thereby stimulating trial, resulting in increased purchase intent.

trile b maketing


Within Apple's annual launch calendar are several new product launches, associated strategies and executional plans.  Working with such a large group requires frequent communications in order to achieve success.  Both partners have clearly different approaches as how to best "go to market" verbally, visually and functionally. The overall communications plan would ultimately hold the key to success.


A myriad of options was taken into consideration, through strict and proven process, allowing adequate time for collaborative discussions, reviews and senior leadership sign-off.  Daily calls were implemented as a means of communication, with the final weeks leading up to launch seeing twice-daily sessions. All processes, outcomes, hurdles and successes were documented insuring success for subsequent product launches.


  • All predetermined in-market dates were met including designs, approvals, production and fulfillment.

  • Merchandising design and visual communications components were on brand and on strategy, creating both an inviting and engaging experience, resulting in a "best in class" customer shopping experience*.

  • AT&T Net Promoter Scores (NPS) increased to levels comparable to other prolific brands the likes of Amazon and Apple**.

  • Apple product sales met or exceeded projections, eventually eclipsing 50% of all in-store sales within AT&T's retail network of both company owned and dealer/franchised locations.

Apple's humble beginnings

*   as measured by ranking attributes of the JD Powers Satisfaction Drivers

**  follow-up quantitative and competitive benchmark study of world-class brands and associated Net Promoter Scores

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